What's On

Sandy Acres Drifters Revue

Drifters Revue

Support Artist - Natalie Ward & Buffet
Friday 16th December 2016 - £20.00
Sandy Acres Happy New Year

New Years Eve Party

Disco & Buffet
Saturday 31st December 2016 - £20.00
Sandy Acres Billy Fury (Tribute)

Billy Fury (Tribute)

With Sorm King Plus Rock & Roll Set
Friday 27th January 17 - £6.00
Sandy Acres The Mersey Legends

The Mersey Legends

4 Piece Band
Friday 24th February 17 - £15.00
Sandy Acres Swinging 60's

Swinging 60's

3 Piece Band
Friday 31st March 17 - £10.00
Sandy Acres Union Gap UK

Union Gap UK

With support artist Mel Harris & with a Buffet
Friday 28th April 17 - £20.00
Sandy Acres Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising

60's - 70's Male Duo
Friday 26th May 17 - £6.00
Sandy Acres The Temple Brothers

The Temple Brothers (Everly Brothers Tribute)

With support artist Eddie Wheeler (Vanity Fair)
Friday 30th June 17 - £15.00
Sandy Acres Ricky Fontayne

Ricky Fontayne

50's - 60's Rock 'N' Roll
Friday 28th July 17 - £6.00
Sandy Acres Edison Lighthouse

Edison Lighthouse

With support artist Natalie Ward and buffet
Friday 18th August 17 - £20.00
Sandy Acres The Dreamers

The Dreamers

Live music
Friday 29th September 17 - £15.00
Sandy Acres electric beatles

The Electric Beatles

4 Piece band
Friday 27th October 17 - £6.00
Sandy Acres the cufflinks

The Cufflinks

With support artist Mel Harris
Friday 24th November 17 - £15.00
Sandy Acres Chicory Tip and John and Ange

Chicory Tip and John and Ange

Christmas Party with Buffet
Friday 15th December 17 - £20.00